Ray Smith: Mirrors Mirrors on the Wall at ZMaco ’17

By: Karen Moe – At Mexico City’s Zona Maco 2017, GE Galería of Monterrey and New York featured the work of Mexican/ American artist Ray Smith. The gallery’s spacious booth was curated as a cross-section of the artist’s psyche: pop art 80’s containing shards of broken mirrors from the artist’s past studio, sumptuous water colour works on [...]

Lluis Lleó’s outdoor paintings come to Park Avenue

   NEW YORK – A series of five front-and-back outdoor paintings on sandstone slabs from Catalonia by New York-based Spanish artist Lluis Lleó will land on Park Avenue on May 1, 2017. Morpho’s Nest in the Cadmium House, a site-specific installation, will parade along the Park Avenue Malls from 52 to 56 Streets. The 13-foot, 7,000-pound [...]

Santiago Ydáñez for Execute Magazine

Execute Magazine, an art magazine featuring established artists and emerging talent, interviewed GE Galeria artist Santiago Ydañez. In the interview Ydañez discusses his work, the people he paints, the reasons behind his decision to paint book covers and more.  1.) Could you tell us about your exhibition at Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art? What paintings do [...]