Yigal Ozeri at Opera Gallery London

GE Galería artist Yigal Ozeri's hyperrealistic paintings where exhibited in London's Opera Gallery from May 12 - 15, 2017. The exhibition included multiple paintings of women living in nature, with an unbelievable level of versimilitude. "Women have been some of the most prominent subjects in art history." Ozeri explains. "from Mona Lisa, to the Girl [...]

Santiago Ydáñez at CAC Málaga

GE Galería artist Santiago Ydáñez inagurated "El Corazón Manda" at the CAC Málaga Museum in Spain. Based on more than 30 paintings created from 2007 until today, the exhibition inaugrated on June 23rd and is on view until September 24th. The exhibition includes animals and large format paintings that cause great impact on every spectator. [...]

Santiago Ydáñez: Truck Art Project

  GE Galería artist Santiago Ydáñez is also part of the list of accomplished Spanish artists that collaborated to create 'The Truck Art Project". Ydáñez's work awakens an interest in the spectator as his dynamic brushstrokes compose a work full of meaning. He takes refrence from art history and paints landscapes, saints and animals. His style is [...]

Marina Vargas: Truck Art Project

  By: Nikki Moscow – GE Galería artist Marina Vargas has embarked on an exciting and innovative new project, “The Truck Art Project”, conceived and brought to fruition by Spanish collector and entrepreneur Jamie Colsa – is a joint effort from a diverse body of accomplished Contemporary Spanish artists, and is a multi-part mobile series, which features [...]

Ray Smith: Mirrors Mirrors on the Wall at ZMaco ’17

By: Karen Moe – At Mexico City’s Zona Maco 2017, GE Galería of Monterrey and New York featured the work of Mexican/ American artist Ray Smith. The gallery’s spacious booth was curated as a cross-section of the artist’s psyche: pop art 80’s containing shards of broken mirrors from the artist’s past studio, sumptuous water colour works on [...]