Paraíso Perdido





Ricardo Milla “Futuro Imperfecto”

Ruthless observer and translator, Ricardo Milla proposes a complex network of references that opens a door for us in an apparent harmless gesture and friendly way. As we cross the threshold, we discover that we are on a path of no return. We stand in the center of the cross fire between the brilliant burden [...]

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RAY SMITH “Flores”

Ray Smith was born in Brownsville, TX and raised in Central Mexico. Smith emerged in the 1980s and continues to produce exuberant paintings and sculptures characterized by an inimitable style and subject matter that reflect his bi-cultural American and Mexican heritage. Contorted and morphed figures recur throughout his work, in a hybrid that draws from [...]

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VOLTA 2017 | GE Galeria | Generoso Villareal

  GE Galeria is pleased to present Optico Hipnotico an exhibition of new works by Mexican artist Generoso Villareal at Volta 2017. This exhibition displays Generoso’s exceptional use of color, line, and structure within his work, and shows his deep commitment to creating compositions that captivate the imagination and challenge our visual perceptions. His inspiration comes [...]

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Yigal Ozeri “Villa Levya”

With his photorealistic oil paintings of young women, often portrayed with hazy backgrounds and blurred terrain, Yigal presents Villa de Leyva, his first solo exhibition with GE Galería. Villa de Leyva is a body of work which consists of 13 paintings that feature Colombian actress Marcela Mar, who's lively portraits were taken in her hometown. The cinematic [...]

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Ray Smith “Tell the Kids” | ZONAMACO 2017

GE Galeria presents "Tell the Kids", an exhibition of works by Ray Smith at ZONA MACO art fair in Mexico City, MX. The fair is open from February 8th until February 12th.   Ray Smith has always existed between two worlds. He was born in Brownsville, TX on a family estate that was part of Mexico before the Texas [...]

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