Ruthless observer and translator, Ricardo Milla proposes a complex network of references that opens a door for us in an apparent harmless gesture and friendly way. As we cross the threshold, we discover that we are on a path of no return. We stand in the center of the cross fire between the brilliant burden of informed irony and a delicious bitter and ruthless sense of humor.

From his beginnings, observer of the social, Milla identified a rich vein of iconographic expressions of the state, its political parties, candidates and of every form of visual representation of that what we know as official. There are abundant inconsistencies of a mutant reality, overwhelmingly chameleonic. As Gatopardo says: “change so that everything stays the same.”

His inquisitive look has one of its best moments in “La Estática de la Estática”, composed of hundreds of photographs of the same clock, which has not worked for years. The recording of this machinery is obsessive, as if there was still an expectation that at some point it would start its march again and resume its duty.

From the forms of political parties altered by algorithms to maps that trace different territories or damaged clocks; “Futuro Imperfecto” places a reflection of the breakpoints of a dysfunctional society in its tolerances, but functional in its errors. Ricardo Milla has chosen to take the complex neighborhood routes. Approaching his work feels like entering into peripheral dynamics but always based on readings and the rethinking of centers.

– Santiago Espinosa de los Monteros