APRIL - MAY, 2017

GE Galeria is pleased to present “Paraíso Perdido (Paradise Lost)” an exhibition of works by Santiago Ydanez. In this show Ydanez questions the ideas of utopia and paradise, and humanity’s many pitfalls in attempting to exert control over the world and the institutions it has created. The works featured in the exhibition probe the troubling philosophy of a cultural utopia and the dark path to which it leads and makes a comparison between our desire to alienate and “other” those around us with the alienation of the natural world at the hands of humanity and it’s cultural ideologies.





Read more about the two approaches to Ydańez works from “Paraiso Perdido” exhibition.

Artist’s biography

Opening reception

April 6, 2017

8 PM

Independencia 226 A pte. 
San Pedro Garza Garcia, MX