GE Galeria is pleased to present Optico Hipnotico an exhibition of new works by Mexican artist Generoso Villareal at Volta 2017. This exhibition displays Generoso’s exceptional use of color, line, and structure within his work, and shows his deep commitment to creating compositions that captivate the imagination and challenge our visual perceptions. His inspiration comes from many important artists of the 20th century including Kenneth Noland, Frank Stella, and Victor Vasarely as well as his own experiences and thoughts about the use of color and line in art. His application of color is particularly effective and is reminiscent of the great color field masters as he reinvents the process to suit his own desires. The painting Untitled, 2016 (figure 1) puts on display Generoso’s great technical ability with the use of color. The intense green circles glow as they emerge from the abyss-like background.  His treatment of color is particularly important here in the way he seamlessly fades from black to brilliant green as though the circles are pushing through a dense black fog. The viewer perceives the weight of the abyss on all sides of these beacons of light while they struggle against it to reveal themselves. To call these pieces mesmerizing would be an understatement.

Each of the paintings transfixes the viewer, challenging perceptions and constantly creating and destroying visual structures right before his eyes. This technique is especially evident in Untitled, 2016 (figure 2). Here Generoso compliments his masterful coloration with sharply contrasting and twirling lines. The large sweeping curves of each line interlock to create the finely tuned lattice structure fading into the single point in the center of the composition. This overlaid structure creates radiant beams of light emanating from the focal point in every direction, as though he is showing you the moment just after a supernova has occurred; the raw energy and power of which will surely consume everything in its path. The lines and seamlessly blended orange and yellow pigment pull the viewer towards the center as if to trap them within this complex structure. It is easy to lose one’s self within this brilliant swirl of energy Generoso has provided. The structure locks in the viewer, unable to pull away from the brilliant scene before him.

In this way, his paintings constantly draw the eye in and  keep the viewer transfixed. In Untitled, 2016 (figure 3) the bright yellow and white arches are contrasted by the thick deep black lines that mimic them. The painting’s composition, stark contrasting colors, and larger than life size are reminiscent of a cosmic web, perhaps placed there by an intergalactic spider to capture the viewer and keep him stuck to the piece for eternity. This is Generoso’s game, to challenge perception and transfix the mind’s eye. With his mastery of color and line, the artist has created pieces that rouse our sense of wonder while simultaneously tearing down our sense of knowledge about the visual world and the structures that compose it.